Welcome to the JAMDAGER (Yet Another MiniDisc manAGER) site, these are the last news:

8/7/2001 Yamdager is online.

01/10/2001 I finished the new web site. I hope you'll like it. Not every section is finished.

16/10/2001 Site corrections.

18/10/2001 Trolltech have announced the release of Qt 3.0 libs. Find out more at here. Get it and compile it!

19/10/2001 Software development is going on... 50% of features for the first realese are done.

01/11/2001 Hardware interface schematics are now available, photos will follow soon. Check the hardware section.

01/11/2001 If you want to know how the program development is going see the http://yamdager.sourceforge.net/downloads.

12/11/2001 New code snapshot available. Get it: http://yamdager.sourceforge.net/downloads.

24/11/2001 New hardware interface developed (solves a huge number of problems). See the hardware section.

30/11/2001 Yamdager 0.1 finally released!

19/12/2001 Yamdager 0.2 released! (bug fixes and many improvement)

25/12/2001 Yamdager 0.3 released! (bug fixes and many improvement)

05/02/2002 Yamdager 0.4 released! (lot of new feautures, cd audio rip with CDDB support)

05/02/2002 New screenshots uploaded

08/04/2002 After a quite long time I'm back again.

06/05/2002 Serial port handling isn't easy as I thought... But I'm slowly getting it.

10/05/2002 It's working, but I still have to set up many things.

09/03/2003 Yamdager development stopped.