Project Development Stopped:

for numerous reasons I decided to stop yamdager developoment. I'm receiving some email reguarding USB support on new NetMD players, so here is what I know:
- there are people working on a library (libnetmd) to support NetMD players under linux, but as I do not own such a device I don't know much about it. Somewhere there is an active mailing list, no homepage as long as I know.
- I was thinking in building a USB device, but as it involved SMD soldering and PCB board developing, I realized it was far to difficult to build for most users.


The YAMDAGER project will try to provide an easy Sony Minidisc Manager for linux OS. What is linux? Why to use it? click here to find out more.
A really simple hardware interface is necessary, and little electronic knowledge is needed. See the hardware section for more information.

These are YAMDAGER'S main features:

1) Easy and fast titling.
2) Full control over the unit.
3) Rip mp3 with auto titling.
4) Rip Cd Audio (cddb support) with auto titling.

The software was tested and succesfully worked on:
- Sony MZ-R70
- Sony MZ-R91

To help Yamdager to support your MD player fill out this.

On your request more could be added, so send emails.

Read this:
I'm thinking of building a new hardware interface. Probably USB based.
USB NOTE: On one side the interface could result a little more complex but it would be a more modern interface than the old one based on parallel port. This interface could also solve a problem of misrecognized new tracks (when a new track is recognized because of a long silence).
Mail me if you got suggestions/questions.

Please vote
What would think about a USB interface (read the small usb note first)?

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